‘We will be known forever by the tracks we leave’


My name is Justyna Rakowska. My professional career covered positions in international companies such as Facebook or Spotify. I lived, studied and worked in many countries in Europe, USA and China. I speak four languages and my life has always been dedicated to my own development, not only professional.

From my personal experience I know very well the two sides of the human condition in the modern society: – the spiritual one, which I have been continuously growing through my own practice, as well as trainings and workshops around the world – and the material one (or business one), to which one day I understood I should not devote all my time.

Since then I live a life I love and it became my life purpose to inspire others to do so. I share what I learn and experience myself, and transmit this as a synergistic spiral of life. I offer that in a humble, honest and valuable training. Everything else are empty words. I invite you to talk and walk together.

‘One who looks outside dreams. One who looks inside awakes.’

Carl Jung

My accreditations: 

Certified Holistic Healing Consultant – ProLight (Berlin, Germany)

Certified Transformational Life Coach – Yandara Institute (Baja, Mexico), Transformation Academy (Florida, USA)

Certified Psychobiology Consultant (Body Mind Science)– Vedica (Warsaw, Poland)

Certified Emotional Releasing Facilitator (EFT & TFT) – Master Your Future (London, UK)

Certified Mindfulness Facilitator  (MBSR & MBI) – Mindful Academy (Valencia, Spain)

Certified Yoga, Meditation & Breathwork Teacher – Spirit Yoga (Berlin, Germany), Yoga Sunshine (Cadiz, Spain)

Certified Ayurveda Consultant – Turiya (Mysore, India) 

In ongoing progress:

Certification in Huna Ancient Wisdom – Psychotronic Society (Warsaw, Poland)

Certification in Shamanic Energy Healing – The Foundation for Shamanic Studies (California, USA)

Also learning directly from Native Teachers: Oglala Lakota/Sioux in South Dakota and Navajo in Arizona (USA)

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