‘If the rhythm of the drum beat changes, the dance step must adapt.’


Corporate Feel Good and Wellbeing Program is a form of holistic coaching focused on corporate wellbeing, that can also improve the internal relationships and has a positive impact on performance. Improved corporate wellbeing is responsible for greater employee retention, job satisfaction, stress and burnout prevention.

How does the Feel Good and Wellbeing Program help me or my employees?

Our Feel Good and Wellbeing Program is the best way to make your employees feel good and happy at work, be more effective and creative, lower the level of stress and fatigue and become less likely to call in sick.  Financial rewards and other benefits aren’t enough to gain and keep highly productive professionals. It is equally important to support wellbeing and a sense of feeling good for all the employees. Doing so will improve productivity and job satisfaction, which is the best testimonial of why wellbeing coaching works in the corporate environment.

‘Awareness and present always happen in the now.’

Ekhardt Tolle

What does the Feel Good and Wellbeing Program look like in the corporate environment?

This program can be delivered for groups of employees in a variety of workplace settings as well as offsides and can address any groups of employees. It can be inclusive of staff coaching, management coaching as well as coaching for senior executives who want to improve wellbeing, prevent burnouts and reduce stress level. I offer wellbeing coaching for groups of employees as well as individual coaching and healing sessions for your executive staff members. The sessions are a great choice for the company team building days, bonding trips and as an addition to the current training.